How was your weekend?

I spent a peaceful night by a lake failing to catch a fish!

Whilst there might not have been much happening around the water on Saturday, the downtime was appreciated as I was kept busy last week helping operators for same day parts support.

One example was a call we received from a marine operator in desperate need of a compensator capable of operating in oil, due to a failure on one of their vessels.

The situation was urgent and our customer was looking for stock in the UK so that a replacement could be obtained in the shortest time possible.

Knowing suppliers who may stock such an item we made some calls and found a suitable unit in stock on the shelf as required.

With the customer quoted and the purchase order received within hours of the initial enquiry, we had the part priority shipped directly to the customer.

The compensator was received on-site by 9am the following morning, and was immediately installed by the vessel engineers.
With downtime of only a day, the vessel is now back to work.

Our customer was delighted and had the following to say….

Bartech Parts Supply performed a faultless response to an urgent part requirement achieving procurement and delivery in under 24 hours of a critical spare for one of my vessel’s main engines.

For any of your parts requirements (urgent or not) get in touch, we’re happy to help. Fishing tips welcome too!

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