We were approached the other day by a customer who’d been pretty much completely let down by the OEM.⠀

He needed some urgent work doing to keep one of his organisation’s contracted vessels operational, and because the OEM had given him the big sales pitch about why he should use them, he’d enquired with them and explained the urgency of the situation.⠀

Four hours later, he’d heard nothing from them, and – given the urgency – of the situation, he’d reached out to us.⠀

We made some calls, obtained a price and lead-time, and gave him a quote within 30 minutes of the call.⠀

5 minutes after receiving the quote, we had a purchase order in hand, and three working days later (including a dreaded import from Europe!) he had the part he needed.⠀

I don’t know if the OEM replied to him, but the story demonstrates one thing – going with the OEM isn’t always the best course of action; particularly if your enquiry is urgent!⠀

Next time you need a part, feel free to give us a call or ask for a quote, and we’ll see how quickly we can help you!

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