Here at Bartech Parts – we’ve been busy with Detroit enquiries…

Detroit Diesel (General Motors) started building engines in the 1930s with their 2-stroke 71 series, primarily used in the military, construction and standby generator sectors.

After that success, they put into production the 2-stroke 53 series, V71, V92 & V149.

The simple and easy to maintain design proved a hit in the marine, oil & gas and on & off-road sectors.

These are reliable engines and there are still many in service to this day – hence the increase in enquiries and orders in recent weeks.

More and more operators are now aware that Bartech Parts Supply offers genuine, aftermarket and good quality used spares at great prices, as well as the building and supply of complete engines to your required specification.

A recent customer who came to us for some Detroit Diesel 8V71N spares for one of his workboats was delighted to have found us.

Here’s what he had to say.

“I had our local Detroit Diesel engineers out to attend my vessel to check out a smoking issue. They advised to change the blower and injectors which they stated to be on a long lead time from the factory.

As I needed the vessel back to work as soon as possible I spoke with Bartech Parts to try and source the parts quicker.

Bartech Parts supplied the parts much quicker and cheaper than the option put to us originally. Once the new parts were fitted we still had a smoking engine!

Having explained the issue and sent a video of the smoking to Bartech Parts they advised that they suspected exhaust valve/s issues in the cylinder head/s.

After some investigation, this was found to be the case. The vessel is now back up and running great, thanks Bartech Parts Supply. “

Workboat Owner

Whatever your requirement for parts is, be it big or small, service, repair or overhaul, we can cater to your needs.

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