As we mentioned at the end of May, we have recently been awarded official dealership status for Walker Airsep Engineering.

Having already seen a high demand for these we have recently taken a stock order shipment to ensure we can deliver in time and on budget.

The stock includes washable air filter elements for MAN D2862, Scania DI-16 and Caterpillar C30/C32 engines.

Washable elements offer a cost-effective solution to the throw-away elements offered by many manufacturers.

Most Walker elements are suitable for 2 years of service life or four cleaning cycles, subject to the working environment in which they operate.

In addition to the Caterpillar C32 air filter elements, we also have the coalescer elements.

Each convenient (TWO-PAK) kit contains two internal coalescer filter sets and the first stage filters for either C30 or C32 systems, two replacement o-ring sets and one cleaning solution.

When you purchase a Field Service Kit it gives you the added advantage of purchasing all that is needed under the one part number, saving on ordering multiple items.

Walker Airsep manufacturers these products for Caterpillar so you can rest assured they up are to the job in even the toughest of environments.

If you’d like to know more, visit our dedicated Walker Airsep page, email or, give us a call now on 01493 253003.